This certificate is for the use of Gilmer County residents to have their cat spayed or neutered at great savings at Wayside Animal Hospital at their Marble Hill location.  The certificate is redeemable only at Wayside Animal Hospital.   You must bring a copy of the Order Confirmation, which will be sent to the email you provide with this purchase, with you on the day of your appointment.   Certificate purchases are limited to two per family.  Certificates must be redeemed within 6 months of the purchase date.

Please Note:Due to the increased price for veterinary surgical fees as well as the increased fee we incur for the credit card service we use,  effective May 1, 2024, we will be raising the cost of the spay/neuter certificates.  The new price for a certificate for a cat spay or neuter will be $45 plus a $2 processing fee, for a total of $47.  

We regret having to increase our prices, but even with the excellent discount given to us by Wayside for its services, our vet bills have been increasing exponentially.  As we want to continue to provide this most needed service to the community for its pets, we will also be limiting the number of certificates that can be purchased each month.

Therefore, also effective May 1, 2024, a limit of 25 spay or neuter certificates for cats will be available each month.  If you attempt to purchase a certificate after this limit has been met for the month, you will receive a notice on our site that additional certificates are not available for the current month, and that you may purchase a certificate on the first of the following month.  Certificates will renew on the first of each month, providing for purchases  of an additional  25 cat certificates each month. 

Please be sure to download the scheduling details and important information by clicking HERE.

Your email confirmation IS your certificate to be used at Wayside.  Please print it and bring a copy.

Project Spay Ellijay/Neuter Today is sponsored by Homeward Bound Pet Rescue, Inc. and funded, in part, by a grant received from the Georgia Department of Agriculture.


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Certificate for use by Gilmer residents for a cat spay or neuter, redeemable only at Wayside Animal Hosp. in Marble Hill. By checking the box below, I acknowledge I have downloaded scheduling details and understand how to redeem the certificate. *

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